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Original from the peak moutains

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Pure natural and healthy

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Serving in fishing and agriculture

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Creating a bright future for life.


Core value outlook:

Be brave in Contribution, Chase perfection

Core Competition:

Be brave in innovation: It needs innovation for success in the future market.

Talent Idea:

Professional person would be engaged in such things:
Respect personal value and share success.
The only competition advantage in the future talent competition

Product Idea:

Meet the market demand and exceed prediction
Chase perfection and create perfection
Our goal is to meet the requirements of customer and create the dreams of customer.

Quality Idea:

Only high quality talent can make high quality products.

Sales Idea:

Regard customer value as core, and regard considerate service as soul;
Forming the strategy alliance with the customers;
Two successful rules in the future market: the first is provide the customers with balance product and service, and the second is cooperation and coordination.
Whether strategy or Value project all show our sales idea.

Market Idea:

Speed is life!
Sustained trust of customers is our top honour!
Regard the market as guide to face the changeable market and grasp the development opportunity;
No temporary buying & selling relationship, it needs long-term relationship with the customer, sustained confidence of customer is our honour.

Trademark Idea:

Chase Everlasting
Brand is rooted in product and service forever
Connecting image with internal culture