Carboxymethyl Starch

Broad spectrum protection agent

Carboxymethyl Starch is white powder and it is one kind of modified starch of carboxymethyl etherification, which has good fluid loss control ability and resistance to salt and calcium. It performs better than carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) and could well substitute it.


Item Standard
1st grade 2nd grade
Granularity 100 mesh screen residue ≤5%; 80 mesh passing rate 100%; special spec. Is 40~60 mesh
sodium chloride content <7% <10%
degree of substitution >0.20 >0.15
PH value 8.0-9.0 9.0-11.5
moisture <10% <10%
2% water solution viscosity mpa.s 80-120 150-200

The stable CMS solution functions as cohering, thickening, water-holding, emulsifying, suspending and dispersing, etc. As mud stabilizer and water holding agent in drilling engineering, CMS is used as fluid loss control additives and improves coagulation stability of clay particle in drilling fluid. CMS has little effect on mud plastic viscosity, much on yield point, easy to carry drilling cuttings. In drilling gypsum, it helps keep mud stable, reduce fluid loss and prevent collapse, especially when applied to salt well with high mineralization degree and high PH value. Under normal temperature, it can be used in fresh water, salt water and saturated salt water, compatible with other additives.

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