Polvo de Semillas de Té como Surfactante Natural

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The tea seed powder (Saponin powder) is a kind of natural surfactant as plating cleaning agent and made from natural plant tea seed milled into fine powder. It is a very good pure botanical surfactant and can be widely used in metal plating, chemical industry, pesticide and building materials, etc. Use tea seed powder to treat the metal parts surface before plating can effectively remove the greasy dirt and make the surface has a stronger binding capacity. The tea seed powder can be also used to polish the metal parts and components after plating, it has apparent effect to brighten up the surface. The tea seed powder has no corrosion to the cleaning surface and better than any other chemical detergent, it is a most ideal natural surfactant can be effectively using on plating and polishing process.

It is a regular method to use tea seed powder to eliminate the oil for barrel plating, which can eliminate the oil hugely. The advantage is to combine eliminating oil with polishing and the effect is good for deep area. It is usual to use tea seed powder with pure soap oil together in order to achieve the aim above. Tea seed powder is a natural granule material with the function of eliminating the oil and polishing. The surface of work product is soft after using tea seed powder, especially for zinc alloy. Using tea seed powder can also short plating time. Pure soap oil is a kind of neutral imported powder using for eliminating the oil. It is with good function for permeating and emulsifying. It can ensure that the oil of deep area can be eliminated clearly and brightness can be increased when using pure soap oil and tea seed powder together.

Specification of tea seed powder:
Appearance: Light yellow powder;
Solubility: soluble in water easily, has a very small amount insoluble substance
Solid content: ≥98%
Moisture: ≤5%
PH: 5~7
Package: 25 kg/bag in woven bag.

Main functions
1.Eliminating the oil, burring and grinding to increase the brightness. It is specially used for hardware before plating.
2.If putting some tea seed powder in roller grinding miller and oscillating miller, the purpose of eliminating skin needling and cleaning well can be reached.

It is usual to eliminate the oil of barrel plating parts in barreling bucket. If putting some tea seed powder, pure soap oil and Trichloro ethylene trichloro-Ethene, the effect of eliminating the oil and increasing the brightness can be reached. For those parts without any special requirement, using tea seed powder can increase the brightness and eliminating the corner. There is a lot of oil on the surface of grinding material after use some times. If putting some tea seed powder in oscillating miller and vibrating for some minutes, the purpose of cleaning well can be achieved.