Amino Acid Granular Organic Fertilizer

Seaweed Extract

The amino acid organic fertilizer is a plant origin product, in black and black brown granular. It is made by advanced spraying granulation technology with the raw materials extracted and concentrated from corn, wheat, soybean, etc.

It combined the nutrients of mineral and organic fertilizers as well as the amino acid and micro elements with special efficacy for the plants. It can not only promote the crops growth and output, but also decrease occurrence of pests and diseases, activate the soil fertility and improve the quality of farm products.

Function & Benefits:

  • Slurry-spraying granulation technology, well formed granular, easy to use and suitable for various crops.
  • Complete range of nutrients, inorganic, organic and trace elements.
  • Food safe, Non-toxic, free of worm eggs and germs, heavy metal content is far below the national allowed standard.
  • Amino acid can promote the crops growth and enhance the capability of resistance to drought, cold, lodging, saline and alkaline, make the vegetables and fruits have more beautiful appearance and good tastes.
  • Organic matter can improve the soil conditions, break the soil harden and increase the water retention capacity
  • Humic acid can retain water to preserve soil moisture ability, promote the NPK efficacy and stimulate the root growth, at the same time decrease occurrence of blight, root rot and club diseases, etc.
  • The rich contained NPK and trace elements can help plants have a healthy growth and quality yield, it reduce the pesticide using at the same time.
  • The product have a good stability and low erosion, it can decrease the using amount of other fertilizers and keep a good environment without pollution
  • Last and most important to decrease the agriculture cultivation costs and increase the yield and profit of 10-15% for farms

Specifications & Applications:

Standard Specifications Application & Dosage
NPK Amino acid Organic matter Humic acid
I 5 10 45 15 Suitable for all crops with base and top dressing, 600-800kgs/ha
II 7 10 45 15
III 10 10 45 15
IV 12-0-4 10 20 8 Suitable for wheat, cotton, corn,rice, peanuts, vegetables, fruit, herbs, tea and other field crops. Base fertilizer 500-600kgs/ha, top dressing 300-400kgs/ha
V 10-4-4 10 20 8
VI 12-8-0 8 20 8
VII 13-7-5 5 15 8 Suitable for wheat, cotton, corn,rice, peanuts, vegetables, fruit, herbs, tea and other field crops etc.. Base fertilizer 450-550kgs/ha, top dressing 250-350kgs/ha
VIII 13-5-7 5 15 8
IX 11-15-4 6 15 8
X 10-10-10 5 15 8
XI 12-8-10 5 15 8

Remarks:The above specification is our normal standard and it could be customized according to the customer requests if the order quantity is no less than 200MTS.

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