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Tea saponin is extracted from the tea seed meal. Saponin is natural surfactants. Now saponin is widely used as pesticide, fungicide, herbicides in agriculture. It is also used in daily care products, medicine, beverage, textiles, photography and reprography, extinguisher etc.

Tea Saponin Powder


1.) Cleaning shrimp pond

Tea saponin can kill the unusable fish with its ichthyotoxin and hemolyzation, but it is safe for shrimp. It is benefit for the growth of shrimp and crab. Tea saponin is low concentration and low cost for cleaning pond.

2.) Killing snail in Rice farm

Tea saponin is a high effective organic pesticide to kill the snail in the rice Farm without any toxic residue.

3.) Agorchemistry

Tea saponin can be used as a surfactant for pesticide production.

4.) Daily care products

Tea Saponin is commonly used in daily care products with the function of lathering, killing germs, relieving itching and subduing the inflammation.


Item Standard
Appearance Light yellow powder
Saponin 60% min
Foamy height ≥160-190mm
PH 5.0 – 6.5
Surface tension ≥32.86mN/m
Solubility ≥Easily soluble in water
Storage Keep in cool and dry place
Shelf life 2 years
Package packed in PP woven, 10kg/bag
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