Plugging Agent

plugging agent

Component: it is composited of various high-molecular compound, wild plants, humic acid, carboxymethyl cellulose, etc.
Features: free flowing powder, will get crosslinking curing reaction with water and form into net structure fluid.
Usage: it is applicable for various complex thirsty formation. It can be used while drilling, no need to use after drilling. It will come into effect after 30 minutes by dosing, and also, it has the function of anti-sloughing and wall retaining.


Plugging agent includes number 801 and 803 large fracture plugging agent.

Item Standard
Moisture, %≤ 15
PH value 9±0.5
Fineness (pass 20 mesh seive) % 100
Plastic viscosity, mPa.s≥ 12
Yield value Pa≥ 3
Adhesive power, mPa≥ 0.16

Direction for use: add to slurry directly, stir and fully dissolve & disperse .
Dosage: 1~4% according to the leakage amount. If the leakage is heavy, choose 803 large fractures plugging agent.
Package: inner PE outer woven bag, double layer packing bag. 25kg/bag.
Storage: keep in aeration-drying place, stack on the isolating frame which is more than 20cm higher above ground.

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