Spotting Fluid


It is made by blown asphalt, emulsifier, tackifier and penetrant through special process. Mainly used to mixing with diesel, water and barite to make pipe freeing agent with different density.

Features: Good permeability, adjustable specific gravity, reduce surface tension, high success rate.


Physical and chemical indexes

ITEM Standard
Fineness (20 mesh residue) ≤15.0%
Rheological property Before hot rolling Plastic viscosity ≥35.0mPa.s
Yield value ≥3.5Pa
After hot rolling Plastic viscosity ≥30.0mPa.s
Yiled value ≥3.0Pa
Thermal stability No hard sediment
Performance Mud immersed by spotting fluid shall have map cracking
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  • Brand Name: XSYAGRI
  • Packing: 25kg/bag
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